We are pleased to publish the video of the Masterclass lectured by Col. Roger Cirillo of the US Army. A lecture hold within the framework of the Area on Security and Defense and the Master’s Degree in Military History of INISEG, the International Institute for Studies on Global Security, and FUINMA, the International University Foundation of Madrid.

In this lecture, our distinguished speaker Col. Roger Cirillo explains in complete detail the Normandy campaign and the Anglo-American armies as they inflicted a decisive defeat on the German military machine. Between D-Day and the end of August, some 83,000 British, Canadian and Polish soldiers suffered many casualties, 16,000 of them fatal. These losses were a reflection of the nature of that campaign, which was fought against an extraordinarily tenacious and committed enemy, forced by Hitler’s orders to fight for every meter of ground.

Col. Cirillo served in the US Army from 1971 to 1995, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He served in armored cavalry units in the United States, Korea and West Germany, on the staff and faculty of the Air Defense and Armor Schools. Col. Cirillo was a War Plans Officer in NATO Army Central Group and served in the CINC (Commander in Chief) office, USAREUR (United States Army Europe and Africa). He also taught military history at the US Army Command and Staff College and holds a Ph.D. in military history from Cranfield University at the Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, UK.

He is the author of the book titled «Ardennes-Alsace Campaign» and assisted in the publication of more than 30 military history books for the AUSA, the Association of the United States Army. He is editor of the «American Warrior» series and the «Battles and Campaigns» series for the University Press of Kentucky.

Blog GRIP will keep publishing a selection of Masterclasses and lectures on military history and armed conflicts, with a special emphasis, albeit not exclusive (as this lecture shows), on the Vietnam War, direct consequence and inheritance of the First Indochina War, a conflict taught by Professor Juanjo Alarcón in the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Military Conflicts, and whose video presentation is also available on Blog Grip. Incidentally, Prof. Juanjo Alarcón is the host of these lectures.

We really hope that this series of selected lectures may spark your interest in the topics presented in each one of them. And since they are all part of the Area on Security and Defense and the Master’s Degree in Military History of INISEG, we provide you with the links to INISEG’s academic offer directly related to the lectures we publish: