Seguridad Internacional (Security, Intelligence & Defense) International Consulting Counterterrorism proudly announces that will held a training course on Intelligence & Counterterrorism in Israel in October this year.


Aimed at a broad spectrum of Security, Intelligence and Counterterrorism personnel, this course has been designed to enable participants to improve their basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in dealing with Jihadist terrorism.

The course will be taught from the perspective and experience of the best experts in Israel.

ACCOMMODATION: This training course will allow participants to feel how life looks like in an Israeli Kibbutz. They will live as regular members of the Kibbutz, thus first-hand experiencing the lives of ordinary Israeli citizens. Living, sharing meals and being part of a community will be an enriching experience helping to build team spirit.

TRANSPORTATION: Participants will be carried by arranged car to training sessions or to any required visits during their stay.

TRAINING PROGRAM: It consists of 6 modules divided into equal hours between theory and practice on the ground and real simulation. We in Seguridad Internacional see it appropriate to develop practical modules on the ground, with experts oversight for further evaluation and for participants to have greater understanding of their learning.


Operational Intelligence (theory and practice, real and simulated) and HUMINT/OSINT intelligence handling. In this module we will assimilate the main aspects of Operational Intelligence, intelligence gathering and the use of various sources at hand.

This will allow us to carry out real-time analysis, enabling us to issue alerts and to take executive decisions at command level. Operational Intelligence will give us valuable input thanks to real-time information handling, allowing us to obtain the intel we need for our business, police, military or intelligence operations.


Infrastructure protection. Vision, planning and protection against threats emanating from Jihadist terrorism. Focus will be placed on advancement and coordination of necessary mechanisms to ensure the protection of critical infrastructures that keep our societies running.

To accomplish it, involvement of all system players in their respective fields of competence must be encouraged. We will witness Israeli police and military forces implementing prevention procedures to protect critical infrastructures. Theoretical and practical exercises will be carried out in Jerusalem checkpoints.


We will study how to elaborate and understand Jihadists profiles and the different ways to track or monitor them. We will also analyze recruiter profiles, both in men and women, and will examine prevention alert signals to detect Trojan Horses concealed in the Army and Police Forces.

Module 3 will also examine which profiles are more prone to be recruited in environments such as prisons and Juvenile Detention Centers.


Contemporary Geostrategy and Geopolitics in the Middle East. We will dissect the confused situation in that region, where the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend seems to no longer make sense. Detailed analysis of the main actors in the fight against Jihadist terrorism in Libya, Syria and Iraq will be made.

We will also cover: Turkey’s role in the creation of the Islamic State; Russia’s military involvement in Syria and its consequences; Iran’s growing hegemony over the region and the resulting loss of leverage of US and Saudi Arabia.


Structure of Wilayats and terrorist Katibas. Organization and structure of Islamic State combatant groups in Europe. Analysis of suicide terrorism and its detection. Anatomy of IEDs and analysis of explosives within Wilayats plus possible chemical and biological attacks.

Terrorist structure may differ depending on the mission.  New terrorist organizations have learned from previous mistakes and studied their enemies’ strategy in various fields (economic, political, military, etc.) but particularly in counterterrorism.

Review of the latest Manuals of procedures for creation of terrorist groups, made by the Islamic State itself. Some of them remind us of Carl von Clausewitz famous treatise “Vom Kriege” (On War) and contain several aspects to be taken into account when creating a terrorist cell.


Surveillance and Countersurveillance. Progressive surveillance is a very slow and expensive method used only in cases where an experienced and cautious valuable target makes it necessary to operate with extreme caution.

Progressive surveillance anticipates a target that due to the relevance of his mission, and even in the event of not detecting that he is being followed, he still will make use of any technique and subterfuge to elude surveillance.

The path of the target and the relevant places he visits are find out as the pursuer follows him daily from point to point. By following the target a short distance every day, the pursuer decreases possibilities of detection.


DATES: 20-29 October 2017 (both days included).

PRICE: 2.200€ (1.700€ if granted Seguridad Internacional scholarship).


ACCOMMODATION COSTS: Lodging, transportation and meals (full board) are all included in the final price.


REGISTRATION: please send an email with your Resume to