We are pleased to publish the video of the Masterclass lectured by Prof. Andrew Lambert from the King’s College London. A lecture hold within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Military History of INISEG, your International Institute for Studies on Global Security, and FUINMA, the International University Foundation of Madrid.

In this exciting and knowledgeable lecture, our distinguished speaker will talk about the Arctic convoys in World War II, a quite unknown topic within the history of the battles and military operations of that second global conflict. The Artic Convoys were a series of naval operations in which large convoys of cargo ships sailing from the US, the UK, Canada and Iceland were regularly dispatched with the purpuse of keeping the Soviets resupplied through the Arctic ports of Archangel and Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula, in the far north-west of the USSR.

Andrew Lambert is Laughton Professor of Naval History in the Department of War Studies at King’s College. He taught at Bristol Polytechnic (now University of West of England), the Royal Naval Staff College and the Royal Military Academy. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Director of the Laughton Naval Unit. He was made a Fellow of King’s College London in 2020.

His research focuses on the naval and strategic history of the British Empire between the Napoleonic Wars and WWI, and the early development of naval historical writing. He received the 2014 Anderson Medal for ‘The Challenge: Britain against America in the Naval War of 1812.’

In 2010, Prof. Lambert joined a German documentary/academic expedition to Robinson Crusoe Island, one of the Juan Fernandez Islands, 400 miles west of the coast of Chile. The expedition focused on the relationship between the fictional character of Robinson Crusoe, the story of Scots sailor Alexander Selkirk and the British global strategy. The title of the documentary is ‘Recovering Robinson Crusoe’.

Blog GRIP will keep publishing a selection of Masterclasses and lectures on military history and armed conflicts, with a special emphasis, albeit not exclusive (as this lecture shows), on the Vietnam War, direct consequence and legacy of the First Indochina War, a conflict taught by Professor Juanjo Alarcón in the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Military Conflicts, whose video presentation is also available on Blog Grip. Incidentally, Prof. Juanjo Alarcón is the host of these lectures.

We truly hope that this series of selected lectures may spark your interest in the topics presented in each one of them. And since they are all part of the Area on Security and Defense and the Master’s Degree in Military History of INISEG, we provide you with the links to INISEG’s academic offer directly related to the lectures we publish: