We are pleased to publish the video of the Masterclass lectured by Dr. Erin McCoy within the framework of the Area on Security and Defense and the Master’s Degree in Military History of INISEG, the International Institute for Studies on Global Security, and FUINMA, the International University Foundation of Madrid.

In this lecture, Dr. Erin McCoy examines the mental problems and psychological illnesses suffered by many Vietnam War veterans. The war left wounds that took decades to heal; as a matter of fact, some traumas still remain unhealed in US society. Memories of the Vietnam-era draft left such scars on the collective American psyche that when a bunch of US politicians and so-called experts advocated for its reinstatement as means of staffing the military for the post-9/11 War on Terrorism, the idea was straightly and unambiguously rejected.

Dr. Erin McCoy is Associate Professor of English & Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of South Carolina Beaufort and Faculty Advisor for USCB’s Student Veterans of America Chapter, Sand Shark Veterans.

She holds a BA in English from Wingate University (2004); an MA in English and a Graduate Certificate in Latin American & Latino Studies both from Clemson University (respectively in 2007 and 2011) and a PhD in Humanities from University of Louisville (2013).

Dr. McCoy is author of a book entitled “A War Tour of Viet Nam: A Cultural History” (McFarland, 2022). She has published a myriad of book chapters, journal and scientific articles, essays and has given dozens of lectures on the legacy and cultural history of theVietnam War.

Blog GRIP will keep publishing a selection of Masterclasses and lectures on military history and military conflicts, with a special emphasis, albeit not exclusive, on the Vietnam War (the Second Indochina War), direct consequence and inheritance of the First Indochina War, a conflict taught by Professor Juanjo Alarcón in the Master’s Degree in Contemporary Military Conflicts, and whose video presentation is also available on Blog Grip. Incidentally, Prof. Juanjo Alarcón is the host of these lectures.

We really hope that this series of selected lectures may spark your interest in the topics presented in each one of them. And since they are all part of the Area on Security and Defense and the Master’s Degree in Military History of INISEG, we provide you with the links to INISEG’s academic offer directly related to the lectures we publish: